Specialized Direct Mail


In addition to our normal mailing services, we offer specialty direct mail services under the InkAndMail.com brand. This specialized and creative team within Bottomline Ink will make your mail piece that “shiny object” in your prospect’s mail pile. If you don’t see what you are looking for in the examples below, it’s probably because you haven’t asked us to invent it yet.

  • Hand Addressing – Your prospects check their mail the same way you do. They scan each envelope to determine if it’s a bill, junk mail, or something worth their interest. Everything from the envelope, to the stamp, to the address determines whether or not your mail piece will pass this test. Your mail piece should stand out from everything else. It should be appealing and intriguing to your potential customer. When your envelopes are hand-addressed and stamped by real people, it is guaranteed to have the personal touch that makes others curious and excited to open it. In a stack of their everyday mail, they will not just open it, they will likely open it first.
  • Yellow Letters – The recipe for successful yellow letter marketing is simple. Boil your marketing message long enough that you are left only with a clear objective and a comfortable call-to-action. Add one cup of personality and one cup of urgency. Throw in a pinch of creativity for the differentiation flavor, and you will find that you have just cooked up a hearty return on investment.
  • VDP Tear Sheets – Tear Sheets, also called advertorials or “J letters,” are a wonderfully intriguing marketing tool that completely engages your customer. By stripping away all signs giveaways of the traditional marketing piece, your customers are left with only a pure and clean presentation of your unique value proposition. Your customers are drawn into the effective copy in much the same fashion as a reader is drawn into an article in a popular publication. Your customers find themselves steeped in your advertorial message, free to judge your offering based on its validity and content alone.

To learn more and see some examples of the work this team does, please go to InkAndMail.com